Three staff members are appointed for executing the Right to Information Act, in this institution. The Head of Section in DCP. Sri.Muhammed. A.K is the Public Information Officer. Junior Superintendent is the Asst. Information Officer.
I thanks the Almighty GOD for rendering his choicest blessing on our college this year.
The academic and extracurricular activities were excellent during the year.
All these achievements were possible because of the commitment of all concerned, the Teaching and Non-teaching staff, PTA and the students.
I express my gratitude to all teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and students for theiroverwhelming support. I seek their continued support in the future.
Once again I thank one and all.

RTI Members

List Of RTI Commitee Members
Sl.No Name Designation Contact
1 Dr.Ranjith.c Appellate authority 9447073222
2 Smt. Shahida Information Officer 99446415464
3 Jibin Assistant Information Officer 9526123432