The mission of the library is to support and supplement learning, teaching and research programmes. . Library has about 16000 books, and 40 magazine and journal. Library follows AACR II for cataloguing and books are classified and arranged as per Dewey decimal classification and computerized open access catalogue is available to locate the documents. All students provided with digital ID card which is a must the time of circulation process.

General Rules

  • The users should enter their membership number, name and the entry time in the gate register kept at the security counter while they enter inside the library. Similarly; when they leave the library the leaving time should be entered in the gate register.
  • Silence must be observed inside the library and loud talking is prohibited in all parts of the library. As the library is the place of individual study and research, members should conduct themselves to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this.
  • Use of mobile phone inside the library is not permitted.
  • Photography/videography inside the library is prohibited normally, but special permission can be obtained.
  • Books should be handled with care. Marking on books is most objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership privileges.
  • Our college Library is following Open Access System and hence the members have the privilege of direct access to book shelves in the Stack room.
  • It is important that the classified arrangements of books according to the numbers, is maintained in the shelves for the convenience of the members themselves. A book could be freely taken out of the shelves, on no account should they be re-shelf by the members
  • An overdue charge of Rs 1/. per day per book is levied from students and staff. Damage or loss of books on loan shall be reported to the Librarian immediately.  Borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss of books occurring during loan period.  Any mark or mutilation on book will be considered as damage and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • If a book is lost, the borrower must replace it with its latest edition.  If the borrower is unable to replace the book, the current price plus 2/3rd penal charge will be levied from the borrower.  If the books are out of print, the price will be fixed according to the discretion of the Librarian, taking into account the importance, demand and rarity of the book.
  • Members utilizing the On-line Journals, e-books and Internet Browsing facilities, should enter the member number, name, login time and logout time in the register kept for this purpose in the respective section:
  • For better use of the Library, members can approach the library staff.